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In today’s society, we rely extensively on consumer electronics and clients expect to be both mobile and integrated.  Thanks to technology today we can have hearing aids for cell phone integration,   clients can stream sound directly from an iPhone, i Pad or iPod touch without  having to wear any sort of adapter around their neck.  Using this wireless technology,  they can hear voices from phone calls,  listen to  their favourite music,  or follow the voice prompts of a GPS.    Some hearing aids have special app's to download on iPhones or most android  phones that allow users to control their hearing aids straight from their phones.  Its the easiest way to discreetly control noise reduction ,  speech focus and wind noise  and even battery life of ones hearing aid.    Wireless accessories are available with different models of hearing aids to have remote TV links to aid hearing television,   phone link devices to  allow clients to have telephone conversations  directly in their hearing aids ad use their phone hands-free.